Saturday, November 3, 2012

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Mascara Review

I was interested to try this mascara. I had heard from many youtube beauty gurus in the past that department store mascara was just as good, if not better than high end mascara. One even said that she thought the high end companies spent to much time making great foundations and eyeshadow products that they didn't put enough effort into mascara. I don't know if this is a coincidence or not, but after that video posted, all of the popular makeup companies started coming out with new mascara. That very same makeup guru started raving about mascaras from several makeup companies. "Eyes to kill", "They're Real!"...etc. I did not actively seek out to try this mascara, it just sorta happened. My last Sephora purchase was $10 away from qualifying for free shipping. I thought there was no way I could find something for $10, but after searching, I found the Benefit Cosmetics, They're Real! Mascara Mini for $10. I thought, why not? If it isn't any good, I didn't pay $23 for the full size.

The first time I tried the mascara, I was very surprised. The wand frightened me lol. It's made of rubber and very spikey. I put on two coats, let it dry a little, then combed through with a lash comb. Let me tell you, the results were awesome! I had many comments on my lashes.

*picture obtained from

This picture is from the first time I ever applied this mascara!

The next few pictures are of just mascara, no eye liner or shadow.

This mascara lengthens, separates, does everything that I look for in a mascara! I will be repurchasing the full size next time! :)

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